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Bluestacks Engine Won’t Start [Problem Solved]Bluestacks Engine Won’t Start [Problem Solved]

Bluestacks engine won’t start? No problem! We can help you solve that.

We cannot avoid this kind of issue when we are opening a large application. Oftentimes, the issue is not on the program but on our device. Bluestacks, for example, sometimes stuck on initializing. That means it won’t start even if you wait for so long.

Bluestacks Engine won't Start

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Bluestacks users started to see this error when they installed the latest version, However, that is not the only case when it can occur. There are many possible reasons we can look at.

In this article, we will cover the most appropriate solutions for this Bluestacks error and we will start with the easiest one.

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Fix Bluestacks Engine Won’t Start

These methods we have found are working and will definitely help you fix the initializing problem in Bluestacks. We recommend you to try all the solutions until you found which worked the best for you.

Solution #1. Close other open applications or software

If your PC is outdated, it is possible that it cannot run multiple program simultaneously. What you need to do is to manually close all the open programs as well as the Bluestacks.

You can also do this in Task Manager. On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and close all the running programs by highlighting them and clicking the End Task. Then, open the Bluestacks alone and see if the problem was fixed.

Solution #2. Check your system hardware.

This solution is related to the first method. Since Bluestacks is a heavy application, it needs a good hardware to run smoothly. Check your system hardware and see if it meets the requirements. See the table below for the minimum and recommended system requirements for Bluestacks.

OSWindows 10/8.1/8/7Windows 10
RAM2GB4GB and above
ProcessorIntel-coreIntel-core i5
Storageat least 4GB free spaceat least 6GB

Bluestacks 3 will run smoothly if your device has the minimum requirements. If you need the latest Bluestacks, then make sure you have the recommended minimum requirements.

Solution #3. Uninstall/Update/Reinstall Bluestacks

If you still experience the same problem even after doing the first two methods, you need to completely uninstall Bluestacks and all the files related to it.

Afterward, download bluestacks latest version given you have met the recommended system hardware. If not, just reinstall the older ones. That will surely fix the problem.

Solution #4. Free Up RAM

Most of the time, heavy apps like Bluestacks won’t run if your RAM or system memory is loaded. In order to free up some RAM, you need to delete the programs you are not using. You can also disable start-up programs or other programs that running on background.

Solution #5. Restart your System.

Restarting or rebooting your device will fix this error because your system will have the time to recycle everything and then reprocess them.

Close all the running apps and shut down your PC. Wait for about 5 minutes before turning it on again.

Click this link to check out how to root Bluestacks:

Problem Fixed

Now, you will not experience the Bluestacks engine won’t start. If you need more help or none of the solutions above worked on your device, please let us know in the comment section below. We will search for more methods to help you.

7zip Password Protect: Encryption & Decryption is as Easy as 1237zip Password Protect: Encryption & Decryption is as Easy as 123

Learn how to secure your documents using 7zip password protect. In here, we’re going to show you the benefits you can get with 7zip as your file compression tool. Most especially, when it comes to securing your documents to avoid hacking and unauthorized access. Plus, know how to download and install 7zip on your computer as your file zipping and unzipping tool.

7zip Password Protect

The documents we have on our computers are important and confidential. Some of them are related to school, to our work, to our businesses and personal matters including contact numbers and addresses of our family members and friends. These data are needed to be kept and secured in a way that no one should know where to access them. And for us to do that, we need the help of a file compression tool.

File compression is a method used to compress file or multiple files into one folder. The compressed files then consume smaller volume on the hard disk than it initially is. It can be sent over email or just store in your computer (with password protection feature) until you extract or someone unpacks the content. Names like WinRAR, WinZIP and 7Zip are dominating this category.

But for the purpose of this article, we will put more emphasis on the latter – the 7zip. And in here, you will learn some guides and knowledge that will help you on your day-to-day activities.

How to Use 7zip Password Protect in Securing Documents

Using 7zip in compressing and protecting your files is so easy. It doesn’t need a complicated process and only requires a few steps and your files will be protected. So, here’s how you can do it.

To download and install:

Step 1. First and foremost, you need to install 7zip on your computer. In order for you to get it, go to your web browser and type on the address bar. Once the page opened, you will see the downloader. Click the download link for your device and it will automatically start the download.

7zip download link

Step 2. Wait for a few seconds to finish the download. It will not take a long waiting since the file is only 1 MB in size.

7zip downloading

Step 3. After downloading, install the application. Locate the file you have downloaded and click onto it to initiate the installation. Simply click the “Install” button and wait for it to be installed completely.

7zip install

Step 4. Once it is done, you may now use 7zip to compress files and protect your documents.

To Use 7zip:

Step 1. In compressing your file, you need to find the documents you wanted to be protected. Go to the folder where you saved your important documents. Open the folder and highlight or tick the file/files you want to secure.


Step 2. Afterwards, right-click on your mouse the files you have selected and click “7zip” > “Add to Archive” from the menu.

Archive files

Step 3. Once a window opened, make sure that the Archive Format is set to “7z/7zip.” Now, enter you desired password and choose the Encryption method you want to use. After doing that, click the OK button.

7zip Archive Password

Step 4. After clicking the OK button, you will see a zipped file on your folder.

7zip zipped folder

Step 5. To open the file, select the compressed files. Right-click again on your mouse and select “7zip” > Open Archive” from the menu.

7zip Open Archive

Step 6. It will open the protected documents. Select and click the file you want to view. Enter the “password” have you created on the dialog box and click OK. That’s how you can open the files you have secured and protected.

7zip Enter Password

Note: 7zip uses encryption when you create your password on it. So it is not recommended to use a weak password or if you would not track it securely. We suggest you to use a password with 8-12 characters and a combination of letters and numbers that no one can easily access. 

In particular, the encrypted files can all be deleted from the zip file or rename within the Zip file while the new, unencrypted files could be added to the Zip file without any password.

How Encryption and Decryption Work

Encryption is the method used in scrambling within files. The idea for using encryption is to minimize the odds of third-party entity to eavesdrop on the file and hack it. There are several encryption methods like:

  • Symmetric – this is where the same password is used to encrypt and decrypt data
  • Asymmetric – it’s the method where it uses the concept of private and public keys to eliminate the need for transferring password between the concerned parties

7zip password protect feature guarantees the protection of sensitive and vital documents from unauthorized people. All the contents of the file you like to protect will be encrypted based on what password specified. To make it more understandable; the documents you have kept are sealed with a lock and a key, and the person with a key is the only one who can open it. That is encryption.

Once you have shared your key with another person, that person has now the authority and capability to unlock your documents. The process of unlocking is what we called decryption. And when those documents or data are being decrypted, it can be changed or the person who unlocked it can do anything with it.

That’s what encryption and decryption are. But, is encryption reliable? Does it make sense to encrypt or use 7zip password protect in securing our data.

Why 7zip is Perfect for YOU

Computers running Microsoft Windows has built-in zip file support w/ encryption since Windows XP is introduced. The thing is, the quality of the built-in encryption is not as strong as other programs to the point that handful of commercial programs can crack it.

Some of the trusted names for file compression w/ encryption feature include trialware, WinRAR and Winzip. However, this will cost every user a modest amount. If you think that that amount is quite a lot for a compression tool, then try 7zip.

7-Zip is actually an open source program, making it free to use. Best part, the 7zip password protect feature can match like of the popular compression programs without spending a fortune. Plus, it only comes in a small size which is 1 MB. In that case you don’t need to have the fastest internet connection or a huge memory to download and store this tool.

In Conclusion

Using 7zip password protect, you can ensure that your data and documents are secured from unauthorized access. It is so easy to get 7zip because it is free. Unlike other file compression tools, this is one of the most accessible and available to the people.

If you have experienced using 7zip, please let us know your views on this software. You can share with us the reasons why you chose 7zip out of many file archiving software in the market. And if you are not a fan of it, you are also free to tell us why you didn’t like it.

Having doubts, questions and concerns? Drop them down on the comment box below. We are glad to help you on whatever we can.


402-935-7733: Is This Number From PayPal or What?402-935-7733: Is This Number From PayPal or What?

Are you seeing 402-935-7733 on your bank statement recently? As far as you know with your purchases and monthly dues are concerned, that number is not familiar. So what do you think that is? Do you think you are scammed? Well, basically, you are not scammed. That number right there is actually the merchant number of PayPal. But that does not mean that you are safe.

Okay, so that is from PayPal. Great! Now the next question would be “do you have a PayPal account?” If your answer is yes, then that sounds about good. But if you do not have a PayPal account or any transaction that relates to any PayPal account, then that should start to concern you.

402-935-7733 and PayPal

So what exactly is the 4029357733 and why is it considered as from PayPal? Does that mean that all transactions that appeared on your bank statement account that has that number are safe?

Here is the plain truth about that controversial number. PayPal uses merchant numbers as their identification. And the 402-935-7733 is the one that is considered the legit merchant number and also one of their customer service number.

Is It Safe?

Safe has a very fragile line to it. As you might have heard, there is an existing technology where it is possible for a phone number to spoof a different phone number. The same goes for the merchant number of PayPal. Any online entity can use the number 402-935-7733 as their merchant name if they intend to do so.

Here are some factors where you should be aware of the stories that surround the number 402-935-7733 online. These are real-life stories and they have happened to many people already. So be sure to arm yourself with information and do the necessary actions to prevent from being scammed.

Phone Number Spoofing

  • This scam is when someone spoofs a phone number that is of different owner or company. They will pose as that same company that you know and trust and will try to get all the sensitive information about your financial accounts. In this situation, it will be your PayPal account or your bank account linked to your PayPal account.Phone Number Spoofing

Name Spoofing

  • This is the same as phone number spoofing. They will use a trusted name and pose themselves as that individual or a representative of that company. As a matter of fact, they can spoof anything even their IP address and location.

How Do You Protect Yourself From These Scams

There are ways to protect yourself. All you need to do is be vigilant and always act right away when something you feel or think is off. The response time to an issue is always crucial as it will dictate whether it is too late or just in time to save yourself from trouble. So if this scenario will ever happen to you, here’s my advice.


  • If you see this phone number on your bank account statement, immediately make an inquiry about the charge. If you are not sure, always ask the customer service of the party involved. It will not kill you to ask important things such as stuff related to your financial account.


  • If the charge is not familiar to you, report immediately to concern parties. In this case, it is to your bank and to the PayPal customer service. Keep in mind that you still have 21 days before the money that was charged from you will be reimbursed or retrieved.

File a dispute

  • The best thing about PayPal is that you can always file a dispute when a transaction went haywire. That means, as the one paying, you are protected and you have the right to take back any money that way taken from your account.


My biggest reminder to you is that always make sure that all your account charges should be properly accounted for. If you are not sure about a charge, make an inquiry and make sure that it is legit. If you did not make such purchase or transaction, file the dispute right away.

The number 402-935-7733 is a real and legit merchant number of PayPal. That much is true. But as to how much a scammer is willing to do to do his scamming, every legal thing in his reach can be used to take advantage of the system.

In Conclusion

Always be careful with your online transactions. If it is possible, always go for a physical cash transaction. As to your online shopping activities, if there is a choice for a cash-on-delivery scheme, go for that instead. But if you really need to pay online through online accounts, use your own and private internet connection.

Also, if you can, do not link your bank account directly to your PayPal account. Use a credit card for that. That is because, with a credit card, you still have time to cancel or file a dispute on any bad transaction. But with your bank account, chances are, the money has already reached the scammer and you won’t have anything to do about it.

What is your bad experience with PayPal? And what did you do to fix the problem? Do tell us in the comment section below so that other people could also be helped if they are experiencing the same problem.

If you have other concerns and questions, feel free to say it in the comment section as well. And do not forget to share this article with your friends just so they are aware of this issue.

How to Find Your PC’s IP Address on Linux and Mac (Step By Step)How to Find Your PC’s IP Address on Linux and Mac (Step By Step)

This tutorial will teach you how to find your Linux or Mac Computers IP Address, this is a step by step guide which you must follow. IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address is a string of numbers which is assigned to devices such as a router, a computer, etc. IP is used for communication between various devices. IP address helps other devices to identify each other and to transfer information from one network to another network. However, finding the IP address on Mac or Linux is not an easy task. You need to execute some of the steps to find the IP address on Mac or Linux OS. Thus, here we are with the methods which can be used to find the IP address on Mac and Linux.

Note: You can login to your WiFi router amdin dashboard at http // to see the IP Address of your computer. Moreover you can also chnage some useful settings from that page. Some routers use domain login address such as or http://jiofi.local.html.

Finding IP address on Linux:

It doesn’t matter what build of Linux is running. There are many methods you can opt for finding the IP address. We have listed some of them below:

Method 1: This is the simplest method using which you can find the IP address on Linux OS.

Step 1: You will find a network icon in the notification area. Right-click on it.
Step 2: If the network icon is not found then right click on the notification area.
Step 3: Select “Add to Panel
Step 4: Select “Network Manager
Step 5: Still not getting it? We have an alternate method. Go to System, select administration.
Step 6: Go to Network tools and choose your network.
Step 7: Click on “Connection Information.”
A new window with your IP address and network connection will be displayed.

Method 2:

Step 1: In your search bar type “Terminal,” Open Terminal.
Step 2: Type “/sbin/ifconfig” command which will display some network information.
Step 3: IP address will be given next to “inet addr”.
Here you can find the IP address of each device.

An alternative method to find the IP address on Linux is as follows:

Step 1: Search for Terminal on the search bar and Open it.
Step 2: Enter the command (ip addr show).
Step 3: Here each devices IP address is listed near it.
If you have confusion regarding your IP address mostly it is “eth0” you would want to look at because it is the first Ethernet Adapter recognized.

Finding IP address for Mac:

Knowing the IP address of this is important for setting up a network. Like listed above Mac also has different methods that can be followed to find the IP address, here are the few of it.

Method 1:

This is the easiest method which you can use for finding the IP address on your Mac.
Step 1: 
Open the web browser.
Step 2: 
Just type IP address into the web browser.
Step 3: 
The public IP address of your Mac will appear on the tab.

Method 2:

Step 1: You can find an Apple Icon on your screen on the corner of your screen.
Step 2: Click on it, in the displayed options select System Preferences.
Step 3: Click on Network which is in the third row.
Step 4: Select the connection you want.
Step 5: Click on the TCP/IP tab. The IP address of your MAC will be displayed in the settings window.

Method 3:

Step 1: On Search window type Terminal and open it.
Step 2: In Terminal window just type ipconfig command which is ifconfig | grep “inet” | grep v
Step 3: After typing this ipconfig command then press enter.
Step 4: You can see the IP address near inet.

Method 4:

Step 1: You can find an Apple Icon on your screen on the corner of your screen.
Step 2: Click on it, and then, in the displayed options select “System Preferences.”
Step 3: now, click on “Network” which is on the third row, and select the connection you want.
Step 4: You will be connected to the network via Airport or Ethernet. Under the connection status, your IP address will be displayed.

These are the few methods which we can use to find the IP address in Mac (Macintosh).

These were the methods which you can use for finding the IP address on your Mac or Linux. If you have any queries regarding any method or step listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.